Class Notes 6/23/2013

Class Notes 6/23/2013


The Shaikh will be going over the educational steps and levels of the Shafi school and how many make mistakes in this topic. Many want to learn but they do not find the correct system to follow.


Every student has his own perspective in this field. He picks the easy way and picks what he likes. He may pick what his country men like and so on. All of these opinions do not change the reality and the best way to study.


There are many books but the difficult task is finding a teacher who will guide one and indicate what are the books to start with.


The following is the order of books studied in Sham and Egypt in the Shafi’i madhab. .


Matn Abi Shuja’

‘Umdat As-asalik


Most common commentaries on above like Mahali ala Alminhaaj

The above cirriculum suffices.

Some add sharhm at-tahreer from Zakariya al-Insari


The following is the Hadramaut cirriculum


al-Risala al-jamia’

safeenta anijaah

Mukhtasir as-sagheer

al-muqaddimah al-hadramiyah

(above are all in worship)

matn abi shuja’

Memmorize az-zubad

‘Umdat al-salik

Alyaquut an-nafis

fath al-mu’een

Shuruh al-minhaj like Tuhfat -alminhaaj or mugni-alminhaaj


Difference is because hadramaut focuses on fiqh where as others are expansive in their in other knowledges. Hadramaut curriculum is long and can take 10 years. It is a mistake  to take this curriculum for most like us.


It is better to find a teacher regardless of what he is teaching then take what he is teaching even if the book is advanced. This will be most beneficial. You can not study this knowledge on your own

but require a teacher. You need to learn it who it was learned in the past.  The average person can not read these and will make many mistakes. Reading it on your own will still be beneficial but significantly less.  Finding a teacher is tremendous blessing and should take from him everything he has to offer.


As far as studying tip, in the least, the student should review the material three times both before and after the lesson. By this, the knowledge takes seat. Once you get to a level where your understanding is sound, you can start opening deeper books and benefit from them without having to read it with a teacher.


Most Muslims who want to learn go to formal institutional such as universities but the portion that go to traditional scholars is very rare. The later represents what was done in the past and what we are doing now. The book we are studying Al-Taqreerat Al-Sadeedah is a book that everyone can benefit from even the beginning student and a more advanced student. The benefit of this book is that it makes the reading of older books and books written in an older traditional style easier. It also introduces one to the technical terminology such that one can read other more advanced books. The Shaikh does not want us to memorize what he saying but rather learn how after reading this book how we can open other books and understand them. This book will not make us a jurist or scholar. That is not the goal of this class.


Books of fiqh are scholars understanding of the primary sources. If a Shaykh says something, one should understand where he is coming from and what is his proof.


A famous point of confusion. In the Shafi madhab, it is permissible to marry a daughter that comes from adultery. Someone was teaching this and it was misunderstood as you can marry your daughter. It was eventually completely changed. People started to call him as an ignorant scholar. It is for this reason, one should ensure the accuracy of a ruling before narrating. As in this case, one would have known that is not what he had not intended.


It is for this reason the Shaikh’s focus is to help us understand and develop an ability to understand. The book we are studying is not the religion. We are studying a small portion of jurisprudence which is a small part of the religion.


People on the street of Egypt are saying “Islam is the solution.” This is coming from Salafis and Ikhwaan al-Muslimeen. They are essentially expressing their own madhab or way. They are trying to summarize or simplify Islam all into one madhab which is a huge problem. It throws away a body and tradition.


Class was terminated early as the Shaikh was in mid thought.