The Differences between Mas (مس) & Lams (لمس)

Mas (المس) Lams (اللمس)
Contacting: needs to have these actions concidered. Touching: needs to have these actions to be concidered.
1 Contactor Only loses their Wudu. Toucher & Touched lose their Wudu.
2 Only by inner palm & fingers. Happens with any part of the skin.
3 Opposite genders isn’t a condition. Opposite genders is required.
4 Desire doesn’t need to be present. Desire must be present.
5 Must be Mahram. Can’t be Mahram.
6 Dismembered limps nulify wudu as long as they can still be called by their original name. Ibn Hajar said it doesn’t have to be in the original form or name, Ramli said it does.
7 Happens by one individual. Can only happy by two or more.
8 This action only involves private areas (front and rear). Does not pretain to private parts only.