Notes 7.8.2013

Notes 7.8.2013


As a review, there are mubtilat and mufatirat. The former negates reward and the later negates validity requiring repeating the fast.


Continuing on the mufatirat.


The first four were covered in the prior lesson.


  1. Intercourse – Has many conditions when it will require an atonement

    1. Must be done intentionally

    2. Must know that it is not permissible to do so like a new Muslim who may not know

    3. Willingly

    4. Being in Ramadhaan; it would not be required if one was doing another obligatory fast such as a repeat fast from Ramadhaan

    5. One must been have been able to complete the remaining day

    6. The intercourse is what invalidates the fast and not have done anything prior to it that might have invalidated the fast. For example, if one eats first and then has intercourse. In this case, one is still sinful but an atonement is not required.

    7. Intercourse has to be such that the head of the penis enters the vagina.

    8. Not being a traveler. If a traveler who is fasting and breaks his fast with intercourse, he is not required to do an atonement.

    9. Not being any doubt. For example, you are not sure if fajr entered or not. In this case, atonement is not needed.


This in reality does not have very often at all. It may happen someone who does not fear Allah.


The following are things that are necessary if one does have intercourse with the above  conditions

You must repeat the fast. The sin must be acknowledged. You must refrain from the invalidators for the remaining day. The ruler  must reprimand him. Then  it requires an atonement for one of the following with the first being giving the priority. Then, if one can not do the first one, then one goes the to the next one.


  1. Freeing a slave

  2. Fasting two months consecutive without any break

  3. Feeding 60 needy people by the amount that can fill two palms. This is approximately 750 grams. You must also give the actual food. It does not suffice to give the value of the food. Rather, you must give the actual weight in food.


This atonement is only obligatory on the man and not on the women. The reason is that the man is the one behind the act and not the woman.


  1. Any substance reaching reaching inside the body through an orifice. Gas does not count. Smoking still invalidates as it is not just gas but has an actual substance to it. Dust in the air such as blowing by the wind does not harm as long as you do not intentionally try to take it in. Things entering the mouth or the private parts invalidate the fast. With regards to the ear, there is difference if something entering it would break the fast.

Related issues to the above ruling

As far as injections, if it does provide some sort of nutrition, then it invalidates. If it does not have any nutritional value, then if it is injected in a vein then it invalidates the fast. Otherwise, if it does not have nutritional value  and is injected in the muscle, then it does not invalidate. . There are non-Shafis who say that injections in totality do not break the fast. Also, in the Shafi’i madhab, taking Insulin would invalidate


The later Shafis have said that (given what we know from modern science) the eye is an orifice that communicates with the inner body whereas the ear does not. This is opposite from what the older books and scholars have mention. Thus, using drops in the eye would invalidate the fast whereas something going into the ear would not. The Shaykh himself follows the newer opinions which contradicts the older opinion.


If one has to use eye drops, then it would be allowed if one followed the older opinion but the Shaikh himself would take a more conservative opinion. Inhalers would also invalidate ones fast. However, there are modern  Shafi’is who have said it would not when taken out of need.