Class Notes 7.7.2013

Class Notes 7.7.2013


Shaikh apologizes for missing the prior lesson as he had a problem with the WhizIq program.


We will cover the disliked aspects of fasting


  1. Chewing  food such that nothing from the food separates enters the stomach. Otherwise,

  2. Tasting food without need; However, if there is need for example for the cook, then it is not considred disliked.

  3. Blood letting – This is considered in some madhabs as something that breaks the fast thus to avoid difference opinoin it is ocnsidred disliked.

  4. Taking bath such that you are emeresd in water.

  5. Using the tooth stick as it removes the scent of fasting which is a form of worship. Toohstick would remove the traces of worship.

  6. Engaging in worldly poitnless matters like staying up at night to watch TV. Doing things that have no value in the religion.


Muhbitaat – These are things that do not invalidate the fast however the render the fast without reward. All they get out of the fast is hunger.

  1. Backbiting – Mentioning something about a Muslim they do not want uttered about them.

  2. Tale-bearing

  3. Lying

  4. Looking at that which is not permissible or looking with lust at that which is permissible for you.

  5. Swearing while lying; some incorrectly say that it is OK to lie against non-muslims or even Shias. This is all wrong and destroys the reward of your fast.

  6. Foul speech


Mufatiraat – These are things that invalidate the fast and require repeat of the fast if it is an obligatory fast.

Apostasy, menstruation, insanity, a substance entering the body, ejacualtion, intentionally vomiting,.


  1. Apostasy –  Making the intention to leave Islam even for a moment invalidates the fast. There are many rules and details associated with this. It requires the involvement of  courts. To do it in the absecne of due process, is a mistake which is common these days.

  2. Menstruaiton, post-natal bleeding, and child birth. If any of these happen just before maghrib comes in, then the fast is invalidated.

  3. Insanity – If this happens even for a moment, then must repeat the fast.

  4. Loss of consciousness and drunkenness – The relied upon opinion, this does not invalidate the fast as long as there is a moment he regains it during the day. However, there are some who have said that if you consume something that makes you drunk then it breaks the fast.

  5. Intercourse – This is a complex issue and has many details. Having intercourse during the fas t requires a major atonement.


Question and Answer

Can we rely on calculations? Calculations can only help in aiding in identifying the birht of the moon. However, it still remains obligatory to sight the moon. If one believes the moon is born but it has not been sighted, that does not suffice.