Class Notes 7.26.2013

Class Notes 7.26.2013


Recompense for Breaking the Fast with Intercourse


There are many conditions which we have covered in prior classes. Amongst them are


Breaking the fast with intercourse. The fast must be in Ramadhaan. One must complete the day. That is if one died after breaking the fast but died before the fast completed then a recompense is not needed. The recompense would not be needed for someone traveling a distance which makes not fasting permissible even if her were still fasting and broke it with intercourse.


Exceptions are the following: someone who does it forgetfully. It happens outside of Ramadhaan. The fast is broken with other than intercourse. Someone who thinks it is night and it turns out it is actually day time.


The recompense is only on the men though there are weaker that it would be obligatory for her also.


If you fulfill the conditions stated above and mentioned before, more than once then the recompense will be needed that many times.


With the recompense, you must also make up the actual day that you invalidated.


The recompense is: freeing a slave, fasting 60 days straight, or feeding 60 needy people. One must first try to do the recompense in the order. If one is unable to do the first, then one tries to do the second and then the last if one is unable to do the first two. If one is unable to do any of it, then it remains a debt for him until e is able to do it.


Recommended Fasting


It is recommended to fast Monday and Thursday, ‘arafah, ‘ashoorah, white days of each month, and six days of Shawwal. It is disliked to to single out Friday or Saturday for fasting. This is only it does not happen to coincide with one of the above days of fasting such as ‘arafah. It is disliked to continuously fasting for those who may be harmed by doing so or it may prevent you from giving someone their right. Breaking a recommended fast does not require repeating unlike in other schools.


Making up obligatory fasts fall in to two categories. Those that need to be made up immediately and those are fasts that one invalidated without a valid reason such as sickness. Fasts missed for valid reasons do not need to be made up immediately.




Recompense mentioned above is only on broken fasts in Ramadhaan and not others like a vowed fast.