At-Taqrerat As-Sadidah EN&AR

** Please Note: We completed the book on 3/23/2014…. wa lelah Al Hamd

*** Please Note: The translations that are present are of a collaboration effort of the following: Brother Mahmoud Adams, Tashfen Ikram, Yaqub Abdurrahman and my self. Most of the translations were done during the class of our shaikh Mohammad Bin Omar Al Kaff Hafithahu Allah on That started early 2012 and still is in progress.


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Book Introduction

Shafi’i School Introduction

1. Founder

2. Leaders & Teachers

3. History of the school

4. Important works in the Shafi’I School

5. Distinguishing features of the Shafi’i school 

Basics of fiqh

Islamic law

Book of purification


Estimating change in water


Seeking water

Siwak & teeth

Pre-prayer washing

Pre-prayer washing requirements

Recommendations of pre-prayer washing

Conditions of pre-prayer washing

Things that nullify pre-prayer washing

Restroom cleaning


Revealing your self in the wilderness

Ritual shower

Shower requirements

Shower recommendations

Recommended showers


Filth change

Types of Filth and how to remove them

Wiping foot covers

Dry purification

Reasons for dry purification

Conditions of dry purification

Requirements of dry purification & it’s recommendations

Wiping on a cast

Things that nullify dry purification

Menses & It’s rulings

Other female bloods

Things that can not be done when not purified

Book of prayer

Times of prayer

Excuses accepted for not attending prayers

Times voluntary prayers are forbidden

Conditions of prayer obligation

Conditions of prayer authentication & acceptance

Pillars of prayer

Recommendations of prayer

1. Before

2. During

3. After

Actions to be avoided during prayer

Things that nullify prayer

Mistake prostration

Reasons for mistake prostration

Prostration of recitation

Prostration of thanks

Voluntary & optional prayers

Congregational Prayers

Conditions of accepting congregational prayers

Excuses that delay the followers following of the prayer leader

Excuses of missing congregational & Jum’a prayers

Prayers of the travelers

Shortening prayers

Uniting between two prayers

Juma’a (Fri) prayer

Conditions of accepting Juma’a prayer

Pillars of the two Juma’a lectures

Conditions of accepting the two lectures

Backup prayer leader

The two Islamic festival  prayers

Solar & Lunar eclipse

Prayer of drought

Prayer of fear


Not praying

Book of Funerals

1. Washing the dead.

2. Wrapping the dead.

3. Prayer upon the dead.

4. Burying the dead.

Rules of visiting the family of the dead

Book of Alms-Giving

1. Cattle

2. Agriculture

3. Currency

4. Metals

5. Treasure

6. Business goods

The Fitr festival Alms-giving


Voluntary charity

Book of Fasting

The obligation of fasting Ramadan

Recommendations while fasting Ramadan

Things that nullify fasting

Forms of Breaking fast

Staying at the Masjid

Book of Minor & Major Pilgrimage

Pillars of Major Pilgrimage

1. Changing

2. Standing on the mountain of ‘Arafaat

3. Circling the Ka’ba

4. Pacing between Safa & Marwa

5. Cutting or Trimming

6. The order in which they were mentioned

Obligations of pilgrimage

1. Changing at the designated location

2. Sleeping over at Muzdalifa

3. Throwing the stones at ‘Aqeba

4.  Throwing the Three stones during the days of Tashreeq

5. Sleeping over at Mina

6. Farewell circling the Ka’ba

Recommendations of Major pilgrimage

Things that are forbidden during the Ihram duration

Types of slaughtering during major pilgrimage

1. Order & Estimation.

2. Order & Adjustment.

3. Optional & Adjustment.

4. Optional & Estimation.

Visiting Our Prophet PBUH

Important Reference books