The Shiny Planet, know thy dwellers: Angels, Jinn, Demon & Gog & Magog

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The Shiny Planet;

know thy dwellers:

Angels, Jinn, Demons & Gog & Magog

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The meaning of Gog’ and Magog’ Names


Gog and Magog is also pronounced in arabic with two different accents: Yajoj & Majoj or Y’joj and M’joj. The difference is in the letter hemmzah (the ء part) which is the Arabic letter أ.


The majority of linguists say that hemmzah is not required in their name, however the linguist Kamal Al Dumayri[1] said that by emphasizing on the hemmzah would make their names come from the origin Ajja which means extreme heat and that would make them creatures made out of fire.


Another linguist by the name of Al Azhari said we can not use the hamza because it is known that they are not made out of fire.

As far as the origin of their name, all we can do is say that their names was given to them as is and never changed from their original language through time.

The majority of linguists in Islamic history has stated that Gog and Magog are non-arabic names of two complete tribes.

Some of the linguists identified the names to be coming from the source Ajaj. Ajaj means extremely salty water. Therefore the meaning of their names are a matter of research and debatable.



Lineage of Gog and Magog

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Many narrations throughout history have discussed the lineage af Gog and Magog. Mukatal said, “they are the sons of Jafth who is the son of Noah.” Al Dahak said, “they are the turk.” K’ab Al Ahbar said, “Adam had a wet dream and the semen fell into the dirt. Adam was sad that he lost his semen so Gog and Magog were created as a punishment.” The last statement has been shown to be completely invalid. There is agreement between the scholars of all nations that prophets can not have wet dreams.

Al Tabarani narrated by Huthifa, the son of Yaman, said the prophet Muhammad said, “Gog is a nation that has 400 princess and the same goes for Magog. None of the two nations die unless they see a thousand knights of their direct lineage before their eyes.”

Which would make them very old and they do not die young.

Also the prophet said, “a type of them is like rice, their height is 2400 fl (120 thira’), a type of them lays down on their ears and covers with their other ear. If they cross an elephant or a pig, they would eat them without leaving anything behind.

They also eat their dead.” The prophet said, when their frontline is in Sham (Syria, Jordan, and Palastine), their last line would be in Khursan (Afghanistan), they will drink all the rivers in the East and lake of Tiberias (between Palastine and Jordan). Allah will forbid them from entering Mecca, Madina, and Jerusalem.” Waheb Bin Manabah said, “Gog and Magog would eat grass, trees, wood, and any human they can get their hands on. But they won’t be able to get into Mecca, Madina, or Jerusalem.”

Ali Bin Abitalab said: “Gog and Magog are different types. A type of them has a height of shibr and another type is extremely tall. They have claws like birds. They have teeth like animals of the jungle. They stay together in big groups like pigeons and they are filthy like animals in a barn. When you hear them coming, they sound like wolves. They not care if they are hot or cold because the hair on their body preserves their body’s temperature. They have large early. If you see them, you will know for sure who they are.They divide their work between both tribes throughout the winter and summer — trying to dig out the dam that Thul Karnan built. Every time they are about to breach the dam, Allah turns it back to how it was before and they would have to start all over again. One day, however, after they finish their daily work digging, they will say “if Allah’s is welling — insha allah” we will come back tomorrow to finish our work and only then they will finally breach the dam. Once the dam is breached and they make it out, everybody will hide in a secure place. Once they have conquered everything around them, they aim for the stars. They, then, shoot at the sky with their aerial weapons. Allah will return their weapons from the sky soaked in blood. Once Gog and Magog feel like they have been succeeded in conquering the universe, Allah would send the Naghf (extremely tiny worms) that would enter through their ears and eat their brains.”

Yes, this is a hydrothermal worm, as viewed under a powerful electron microscope — one that’s zoomed in 525 times

In a book called Mashark El Anwar, they narrated the following description of Gog and Magog:

    1. – Some of them have four eyes — two eyes on their head and two on their chest.
    2. – Some of them have one leg that they hop with.
    3. – Some of them use their own hair as if it’s the skin of an animal.
    4. – Some of them only eat human’s flesh and only drink human’s blood.
    5. – They also narrated from many of the salaf that the land of Gog and Magog is exactly between the east and the west.

Sheik Al Islam, Muhy El Deen Al nawawi, was asked about Gog and Magog – whether or not they are from the lineage of Adam and Eve. The sheik said, “they are from the children of Adam and Eve according to the majority of scholars. However, it was also narrated that they were the children of only Adam and not Eve[2] — so they would still be our brothers from Adam’s side.” There hasn’t been any accurate narration from the prophet in regards to their life span.

Abu-’amar bin ‘abd albar said:there is an agreement between the scholars that they are from the children of Jafth, the son of Noah.” The prophet was asked about Gog and Magog and whether they have received the final prophet’s message. The prophet Muhammad said, “the night of Asra’, I was taken to pass by them. I called out to them and they looked the other way.” Bukari, Muslim, and Nasai narrate from Abu Syed Al Kudari — he said that the prophet Muhammad, said that Allah will call out to Adam on judgment day and Adam will respond “yes, my lord.” Allah will tell Adam to save whomever he wishes from hell. Adam, then will say, “what do you mean?” Allah will answer, “Out of every thousand men, leave 999 in hell and take one to heaven.” The prophet then said when people hear that on judgment day, the hair of the young will turn grey and those who died with their children in their wombs, their unborn will drop out of their wombs from their fear. People will seem as if they are drunk but they are not drunk — Allah’s torture is extreme. This story was heavy on the hearts of the companions of the prophet so they said “O messenger of Allah, who is that man that will be saved for every one thousand?” The prophet then said, “ I will tell you what no other prophet told his people, out of every thousand, 999 are from the tribe of Gog and Magog and the one that will be saved is not from them.” However, some scholars stated that the prophet Muhammad only mention Adam in this hadith because we are all the sons of Adam even Gog and Magog.

The Jama’a[3] except Abu-dawud have narrated from Zaineb bint Jahash that she said “the prophet Muhammad came out one day with a dark red face saying La Allah el Allah, oh arabs beware from great evil heading toward you. For today, the dam of Gog and Magog has been breached.” Then he made a hand gesture showing how much of the dam has been breached by connecting his index finger and his thumb together (i.e. Gog and Magog have dug a small hole through the dam — the whole is a approx. the size of a coin). Zaineb then said, “will we be destroyed by Gog and Magog while there is good still remain among us?” The Prophet then said, “Yes, but when evil exceeds the good.”

The following is the explanation of the above hadith:
Even though, the prophet said that the wall has been breached by Gog and Magog, he did not mention if they said insha allah or not. Therefore, Allah could have rebuilt the wall if they didn’t say insha allah. The Prophet used the word “wayloun lalarab” which means oh arabs beware. This word might be alarming to hear however, it is a common word that arabs used to use for any danger that might be coming there way. So his statement may not be as alarming and it sounds. Ahmed Bin Hanbal narrates from Abu-Sayed Al’dary, who said that the prophet said “wayl” is a valley in hell. When a disbeliever falls into the valley, it would take them 40 fall seasons to reach the bottom of it. It has been mentions that the word “wayl” is used for evil only. The prophet states in the hadith that the wall has been breached.

The dam is a fortified wall that was built piece by piece. This dam is the dam that was made by Alexander the Great between the two mountain[4]. As for the word Nuhlak in the hadith refers to destruction of the mass due to the evil exceeding the good. The Nawanwi said that the prophet said, Yes to the destruction of the mass (ADAM ADD IN). Most of the scholars said when the prophet said evil — it refers to being promiscuous and debaucherous. However, it has also been said that evil refers to the increase number of adultery and others said it’s the increase of bastard children. In general, evil refers to increase in sinful acts. That hadith means that once this evil doing has increased, everybody will be destroyed regardless if they are good or bad. Allah knows best.
Albazar narrated from Yousf the son of Marrium that he said, while he was setting with Abu Bakara — a man came and gave salam then said, “Do you know me?” then Abu Bakara said, “Who are you?” The man then said, “Do you know that story of the man that came to the prophet and said that he saw the dam.” Abu Bakara then said, “Is that you?” The man then said, “Yes.” Abu Bakra said, “Sit with us and tell us your story.” The man then said, “I went to a land where the people only had steel — steel was their only profession. Then I went into a shack and laid down on my back and lifted my legs against the wall. At sunset, I heard a noise. The noise was like no other noise I have ever heard and it was extremely frightening. The owner of the house I was in said, “Don’t be afraid. That’s the noise of the people who finished their work at the dam for the day, do you want to see it?” So I said, yes. Then he took me to the dam. I saw the dam and it was bricks on top of each other made of steel. Each brick is sturdy as a rock and had a redish color. The nails in the dam were the size of tree branches. So when I came back to the prophet and told him my story. The prophet asked me to describe it to him. After I described the dam, the prophet said whomever would be pleased to see a man that actually saw the dam, to look at him.” Abu Bakara then said, “that man is truthful.”

As I stated earlier, the dam is the dam that Alexander the Great built between us and Gog and Magog. He built the dam between two mountains. When he first arrived to the two mountains, he found people that Allah described in the Quran: “La Yakadoun Yafkahoun Kawla.”

This means none of us can understand their language and they can’t understand any other language except there’s. They complained to Alexander the Great of the corruption that Gog and Magog have to the land — Gog and Magog would come to their land occasionally and eat everything. They would rap man and women. They would also eat humans. These indigious people that needed Alexander the Great said to him we will give you money to build a wall or a dam between us and Gog and Magog. Alexander the Great then said, “I only need you physical assistance.” Then he went to the two mountains and measured the distance between them. He found the distance between the two mountains was exactly 200 farsa’ — which is equal to 300 miles. Alexander the Great to dig deep between the two mountains until water is seen. The width is 150 miles. He made the dam out of alternating layers of rocks and melted copper, which made the dam seem as if it is part of the mountain. It was also mentioned that he included pieces of steel, wood and charcoal in between the alternating layer of rocks and melted copper. He asked the people to use Blacksmith Bellowers to shape and sculpture the dam to make everything well mixed and to stick together. It seemed as if the mountain had a new extension of medal and shiny melted copper. The dam looked reddish from melted copper and slight darkness of steel. Gog and Magog were not able to go through the wall. Alexander the Great then he made a huge ditch and filled it with water.

Allah made Gog’s and Magog’s spring rain with dragons exactly how our rain brings down water. He had dragons sit on the dam and whenever Gog and Magog would increase in number, the dragon would feast on them. And Allah, the most high, knows best.
[1] His full name is Kamal Al-Deen Bin Muhammed Bin Musa Bin Isa born in the village of Dumirha. He was born 1341 and died 1305. He was one of grand Shafi scholar of his time and a known linguist.He wrote the first book that contained zoological information in arabic.
[2] the other opinion of Kab El Ahbar
[3] Bukari, Muslim, Nasa’e, Abin-Maja, and Al- Talmezi
[4] This is the author’s opinion regarding who is “Thul Karnayn” –the man with two horns (the person who built the dam).