New Course: The history of Islamic legislation

AsSalam Alaikum,

Starting September 26th and Ending the 30th at 6 am EST, we will cover the history of Islamic legislation..

  1. Legislation birth (beginning of Prophecy to year 11 A.H.) – 26th
  2. Age of the Khulafaa (from year 11 A.H. to year 40 A.H.) – 27th
  3. The younger Sahabah & Elder Taba’een (from year 40 A.H. to year 173) – 28th
  4. The Great Imams of Fiqh (Schools of Fiqh) – 29th
  5. Fiqh in the current age (Reality & Renewal) – 30th

Upon completion students will receive a certificate of attendance.

Fee: 25 USD for the full course.

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