The History of the Shafii School (Madhab)

Assalam Alaikum,

InshaAllah on August the 24th, there will be an in-depth 2 hour long class covering the following aspects of the school:

  1. Emergence stage begins with Imam Shafi’i rahimahu Allah (186–204 A.H.)
  2. Transmission stage in the form of teaching and narrating Imam Shafi’i work from the Egyptian period (204–270 A.H.)
  3. Prevalence stage where the teaching become well established in society (270-404 A.H.)
  4. Stabilization stage the response to arising issues and the emergence of two analytic systems ‘Iraqi and Khurasani (404-505 A.H.)
  5. Editing stage Both great jurists Rafa’I and Nawawi (Shaykhayn) edit all previous work and produce unified sources (505-676 A.H.)
  6. Explanation stage the main focus on explaining the books of the Shaykhayn (676-926 A.H.)
  7. Commentary stage commentating on certain explanations (926-1335 A.H.)
  8. Contemporary stage regression of the school and its teaching, fatwa and legislation (1335-1430 A.H.)
  9. Important Shafii Fiqh books, Mutoon, Shuruh & Hawashi.
  10. Famous Shafii Scholars.
  11. Current geographical layout.


The class will held on Aug the 24th at 6 am EST.

Fees: 150 USD





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