Takhrij Crash Course

Assalam Alaikum,

On August 30th and 31st, a Hadith Takhrij Crash Course will be held at 6 am EST.

On the 30th we will cover the process of locating a hadith.

On the 31st we will cover examining narrators.

Upon completion, students should be able to recognize and identify a chain, a narrator, and a matn, along with the most important resources for this process.

Students will receive a certificate stating they have completed this course.

Fees: 100 USD.


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3 thoughts on “Takhrij Crash Course

  1. Subhan Allah, I saw this course page about a day after this course ended. I was looking for something like this. Would you consider running the course again at some point, shaykh?
    Jazakum Allahu khayra
    Imran Ahmed


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