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  1. I was taking a class on signs of the hour with one of his students, himself a shaykh with a phd when he had to cut the class short to help with this book, that shaykh helped me with some major points in my book on signs of the hour; The Syrian Uprising and Signs Of The Hour, at my website. One thing I asked him about was the hadith which mentioned the Fitnah of the Saddle bag, which is central to everything occurring now and he corrected the translation i was using, i am referring to the fitnah of espionage, spying and secrecy the prophet (saws) said this umma would go through, this is the fitnah that Saddam and his baath party introduced into muslim countries, there was a time when espionage and spying shocked people now it is normalised beocuse we see it so much. The Baath party also controls Syria, the prophet (saws) describes Saddam in this hadith as well others.


  2. Just spoke with the shaikh in regards to your comment and his response was, “Assalam Alaikum, I benefited greatly from our discussions on the topic. We are currently focusing efforts on Imam At-Tabaris works, extracting from it the fiqh of Abdullah b. Masud. Hayyakum Allah Ya ibn Masud.” Brother would you kindly write out any a hadith mentioned so our readers can be on point with what is meant. Jazakum Allah Khayr.


  3. Wa alaikum assalam Shaykh, Alhamdulillah my book is now finished since our last discussions i think you will be surprised by what i discovered over all and especially the chapters on America, insha allah you get a chance to read it, i dedicated a chapter in my notes to my methodology if you are interested;

    As the shaykh taught us, the fitnah’s towards the end of time are a major topic regarding the signs of the hour, there is a famous hadith which imam ibn kathir labeled the fitnah of the saddle bag, in it some of the major fitan’s are mentioned one after the other, meaning the prophet (saws) was outlining to the muslim Umma what would be happening to them over a period of decades, here is the hadith;

    Abdullah ibn Umar said: While we were sitting with the Messenger of Allah he mentioned the Fitan (strifes, trials & tribulations), mentioning many of them until he mentioned Fitnatul Ahlaas (The trial of the Saddlebag). Someone asked him: ‘ O Messenger of Allah, what is fitnatul Ahlaas? He said “It is the usurping of wealth and the fleeing”. Then (after it), will come Fitnatul Sarra (the fitna of secrets): its smoke is under the feet of a man (descendant) from my household (family), who claims he is of me, but he is not because my Awlyia (saintly men) are those who fear Allah. Then people will gather and agree upon a man, (but it will be an agreement that is) like a hip on a rib (meaning this will be a temporary arrangement, as a hip bone does not belong on the rib, if man bends his body to such a position he can not stay there for long before needing to do other things in life, so this position is temporary). Then there will be the Duhaima (Blind black, dark, catastrophic) trial. It will afflict every single person from this Nation. When it will be said that it is over, it will return; during it, a man will be a believer in the morning and a disbeliever (by) the night. (This will continue) until people will go to two Fustaats (groups) — the Fustaat of Eemaan (Group of faith or religion), in which there is no hypocrisy, and the Fustaat of hypocrisy, in which there is no Eemaan (faith or religion). And when that will come to you (when the sorting of people will finally end), wait for the Dajjaal on that day or on the morrow.” (Sunan Abu Dawud, Book 37, Hadith 3. Ahmad related it as well in his Musnad).

    This translation is according to the sheikhs correction, the fitnah al sarra was originally translated as the fitnah of wealth (if i remember correctly) so i had trouble identifying it with certainty because it was to general, once the shaykh clarified the meaning of the word and translated it as secret or literally spying and espionage it became very clear what it meant. The fitnah’s are usually events that shape the muslim world, changing people and how muslims view the world, they are not just things that people experience. If we look at the history of espionage, young people won’t remember this, but before cinema popularised espionage with movies like james bond, it was publicly a heinous thing for any country to be caught doing, hence the acceptance of espionage which fuelled it’s spread as the public became desensitised and governments found themselves less accountable for their actions was a process easily identifiable because it began with the cold war which was a war of espionage between two competing superpowers, and the spread of espionage from it to islamic lands as the Baath party and other similar dictators came into power, eventually during the 90’s these Dictators used it on mass in their lands agains their own people.

    Advancements in technology also played a major factor in this which cemented what the prophet (saws) was talking about, entire islamic populations subjected to spying and it was introduced (as the hadith says) by a man who would be from his descendants but the prophet (saws) disowned him because his awliya (i suspect the word here means representatives, over saints) are only those who fear Allah, (the prophet (saws) didn’t say he lied about his lineage, He disowned him by his actions saying they remove him from ahl al bayt). Historically it was Saddam Hussain and his party who introduced it into the Islamic world, his last name indicates his lineage and in 1991 he claimed this and openly produced a chart to prove it. Moreover he was directly and indirectly responsible for the fitans that would come after this one, mentioned in the hadith, which is why the prophet (saws) mentioned them all together revolving around a man who would claim he is a descendant from him.

    The cold war ended in 1991 essentially the same period hollywood looked to popularise with the public what went on during it.

    Chapter 5 in the book, “A Time Frame Between The War In Syria and The Mahdi” explains the hadith in more detail;



  4. Re. the sheikhs focus on Imam Tabari’s work, this is something of topic; the first volume of Imam Tabari’s history talks about the creation of the universe, because of my engineering studies i have an understanding of science, basically i found many of the ahadith are talking about the prophets knowledge of subatomic space, the universe was created from the subatomic part first….I have written a book on the prophets knowledge of subatomic space and much of it covers Imam Tabari’s first volume, some narrations are by Ibn masud (ra);

    1) The Quran On The Letter Nuun The Pen and The Intellect
    2) The Ahadith On Subatomic Space
    3) The Prophet’s Knowledge Of Subatomic Space
    4) Islam On The Creation Of The Universe From Subatomic Particles


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