Beware O Muslims


All of these so-called Islamic groups do not represent Islam in any way. Most of the groups we hear of are actually known enemies of Islam. They trick many young Muslims that are emotionally hurt by what is happening to Muslims around the globe. There isn’t a true Muslim that dislikes Islamic law. But this is not the way. Islamic law is mercy to humanity, a thief should have his hand cut off so we know who he is, a man or woman that cheat on their wives deserve extreme punishment. Islamic law needs to be placed by willing believers not acts of terrorism. Most peoples of the world do not accept the terrorist activities of the masonic families of the world. Do not harm a kaffir (a non Muslim) especially a civilian. This goes against all what we stand for. If you can not understand this then you are not in a position to speak for Islam or Muslims. And remember Justice will always prevail. Allah (God) gives people a chance to correct their ways, but he never forgets. May all see the truth.   

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