In the Name of Allah the creator of All worlds

Peace to those that have held firm to the way of the seal of Prophets and those who’s hunger and thirst for the truth was true, and to those who seek guidance and strive to find the truth I ask Allah to guide those of them who are sincere..for one guided soul is greater than anything and everything.

My words here are covering the topic of racism, the illness of the socially autistic.

Despite the idea that most people have of Arabia before Islam, the Arabs too carried the supremacy syndrome.
While many over look this point or try to live in denial of it, it is a true disease and illness the Arab world suffered and still does.

Arabs received a cure at one point, some were indeed cured, as for the majority were not able to hold firm to it.
The Prophet Muhammad PBUH saw this issue, and warned of returning back to it by statements like:
“Listen and Obey your rules, even if you ruler is a black slave with rough curly hair and a wide nose”
One might say: He called blacks slaves!!!

This illness can easily be understood by simply studying the social and economic system that was present at that time.
Slavery was a business, Muslims did not need several centuries of Dixie Slavery to understand that.
Those who know Islam and it’s teachings can see that Islam gave us a system or program to destroy slavery once and for all, and this is obvious when you look at Islamic legislation and how when some laws when broken one must free a slave.
Actually, since the birth of the Islamic Empire Muslims were known for buying slaves to free them. When examining the acts of the companions of Mohammed PBUH we see that they made this a habit to buy slaves in order to free them.

While the human race being a sinner creature by design, it wouldn’t take a century to have them all freed if we stuck to the teachings and didn’t divert from the placed system by the divine.

However, humans love to find the easy route, and this is seen through history. Whether we like it or not it is indeed our reality.

When Abu Thar a Muslim revert of the companions of The Prophet PBUH had an issue with Bilal the Ethiopian companion who was a slave at one point to a stone worshiper then bought by a Muslim and set free, Abu Thar said to him while they were urging: “You son of a slave woman”.
While we can say he was angry and didn’t mean it, The Prophet PBUH didn’t take it that easily and said to Abu Thar: “You are a man with ignorance”. This shocking reply is a foundation with in Islamic law. Not only did the prophet PBUH comment on the statement but he never got involved in their fued. This would emphasis the danger of treating people differently due to Race And Nationalism. 

We as Muslim Jurists understand from that statement the following:
1. Slavery isn’t dictated to a race.
2. One can only be born into slavery or forced into it.
3. Slavery doesn’t change a persons status in the community.
4. A Slave gets equal rights as a free person.
5. A slave owner is totally responsible for his slaves well being, charity, pay check, clothing, feeding, education…etc.
6. A Male slave is equivalent to a employee with benefits.
7. A Single Female slave can have pleasure with her master and is treated like a wife.
8. A Married Female slave is not allowed to have an intimate relationship with her Master.
9. Children born from Master and Slave are children of the Master, and are treated as such with honor and dignity, no difference between him/her and all the other children.

Knowing some of these simple understandings from the practices of Islam, why wouldn’t one remain in slavery???
What if I mentioned that some known slaves with in Muslim communities during the islamic empire made over 1 million gold pieces a year some even a month…
Did you know that Laith bin Sa’d a major Muslim scholar who would send money to students of knowledge around the world, and in millions, and considered by most the best and strongest scholar of that time!, and during that time were some of the famous great scholars of Islam, All that and he was a slave!!! Do research and find out what his relationship with the Price of Egypt was like.

What if I told you that slaves would beg not to be set free….

What if I told you that Masters would increase the pay of some slaves over 1 million gold pieces to keep their company only…
These are facts, not fiction.

What’s wrong with the world today, A Factor of collapse of the Ottoman empire:
The 1st Arab spring; based only on nationalism.
Arabs didn’t only have supremacy thoughts towards blacks, but to any non arab.
And again Islam fought this illness as well, this is why The Prophet said PBUH: “The is no difference between an Arab and Non Arab but through the level of fear one has towards the lord”
Personally I have witnessed first hand some of those reactions, kicked out of Masajid, claimed to have what Arabs today like to call pure blood deficiency. 

By understanding the previous statement of The Prophet Muhammad; it isn’t hard to understand how a Black Supremacist can also be cured of this disease, even if he had hundred  percent right to hate the race he was brought up with, I’m referring to Hajj Malik Shabaz, while he stated clearly he wasn’t a racist, he had mentioned in different occasions the status of African Americans being superior, but he is our brother, and our brother has adjusted that in many other occasions.
The great caller to Islam Hajj Malik Shabaz Rahimahu Allah said: “America needs to understand Islam”
To this very moment most Americans have no clue what Islam is, and while materialism has blinded all people it is very hard to see beyond what is right in front of their eyes.

He goes on to say:
“because this is the one religion that erases from its society the race problem.”
He understands this due to what was mentioned above.

He continues:
“Throughout my travels in the Muslim world, I have met, talked to, and even eaten with people who in America would have been considered white”
Imagine, at that time white and black wouldn’t even stand in the same line, let alone meeting, talking and eating together as one, that is Islam.

He goes on to say:
“but the white attitude was removed from their minds by the religion of Islam.”
This is the true effect of pure Islam.

“I have never before seen sincere and true brotherhood practiced by all together, irrespective of their color.”
This is Islamic brotherhood, that only a very few of us get the chance to experience.

He also stated -May Allah make his grave a corner of heaven-:
“For the freedom of my 22 million black brothers and sisters here in America, I do believe that I have fought the best that I know how, and the best that I could, with the shortcomings that I have had…I know that societies often have killed people who have helped to change those societies. And if I can die having brought any light, having exposed any meaningful truth that will help destroy the racist cancer that is malignant in the body of America then, all of the credit is due to Allah. Only the mistakes have been mine.”

May Allah Make his grave a room of Heaven, and may he be with the prophets and martyrs in the highest levels of heaven. May Allah Count his death as Shihadah.

Beyond that I can only say, Allah please guide us, help our heart to hold firm to what you guide us to.

And I quote: All of the credit is due to Allah, Only the mistakes have been mine.

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